Dec 3, 1992

History of Lee Cooper

Jeans are always being misinterpreted as rough, cold and western cowboys. This should not be the case. If we trace back the origin of 'Denim', the history goes all the way back to Europe. 'Denim' came from two French words 'de Nime' which means 'of Nime', where Nime is small town in south of France. The fabric was originally invented from Nime and as a result it is called 'Denim'. Italians used the fabric for the canvas for their carriages and exported the fabrics amongst other European countries. The fabric was then used for rough workwear in the mid 18th century. Levi Strauss, a German, emigrated to America in the year 1850 brought the idea of using the canvas fabric for the gold miners' workwear in West America.That is how the history of jeans started.

Between the period of late 18th century and beginning of 19th century, jeans were used as workwear clothing. In the period of 1960 to 1970, wearing jeans was a symbol of reistance to the traditional moral principles as well as emancipation of women in the society. Not until the beginning of 1980's, jeans was developed into a strong fashion trend in sport wear and casual wear.

Being an European origin, 'Denim Jeans' should have a touch of the European taste and character. A flavour of romance, warmth and most of all fashion shall be added onto a Jeans Brand.

Lee Cooper, a brand established in the year 1908 by Morris Cooper in England is now introduced to Indonesia as a Classical, Authentic, European and most of all Quality brand. The brand consists of a wide range. A "Total Head to Toe Design Concept with Creating Your Own Image in the Lee Cooper Homely Boutique" is now the main theme behind the Brand.

With the strong history background, a brand established in 1908, the Classical and Authentical feeling can be easily felt and seen in the "Basic Range of Product". Tremendous amount of effort and attention are paid on details of the quality, washing and fitting of the basic 5 pockets jeans. As a result, various fitting for male as well as female are built in the Basic range. Six fittings are introduced into the men's fit : Slim Fit, Regular Fit, Classic Fit, Comfort Fit, Supper Comfort and the Easy Fit; Seven fittings are introduced into the ladies fit : Stretch , Slim, Classic, Regular Comfort, Supper Comfort and Easy Fit; to gater for male and female with different taste of fittings and different body shape.

The fashion range of product proudly presents the utmost fashionable trend in Europe. With the trendiest spectrum of colour and styling, the feelings of colourful, cheerful, warmth, and romance are subtly built in the range.

Being at home is always the most comfortable moment in one's life. Choosing a wide variety of comfortable, smart and trendy outfit from your own wardrobe is always one's dream. Hence, the "Total Head to Toe Design Concept" with "Creating Your Own Image in the Lee Cooper Homely Boutique" provideds a warm atmosphere for customers with no discrimination of age, sex and race. With the idea of "Feel Yourself at Home. Choose your own outfit at your own wardrobe" a " Homely Boutique Concept" is implemented in Lee Cooper Boutiques and the Lee Cooper range.

Indonesian always give foreigners a warm, cheerful and kind impression. A country full of welcoming and love; a country full of joy and laughter; a country with fascinating sceneries and history. A country full of characters which match harmonisely with the Lee Cooper range of cheerful, colourful, warmth, romantic and historic.

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