Sep 12, 2002

Microsoft previews Asian Language Versions of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

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Microsoft Joins Forces with Leading Partners To Preview Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese language versions of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

September 12, 2002, BEIJING - Microsoft Corp. today previewed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages. Asian language versions of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition will be released to manufacturing before the end of September with the worldwide launch of Tablet PC taking place on November 7. The Japanese and Korean language versions will be released to manufacturing on September 13, Simplified Chinese on September 20 and Traditional Chinese on September 24. At the Tablet PC event held successively in Singapore and Beijing this week, Microsoft industry partners Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Legend, and Toshiba previewed a wide range of Tablet PC innovative form factors and new technologies powered by the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.

Representing a significant evolution of the Personal Computer, Tablet PC offers all the power and function of a portable PC with greater versatility and mobility. Tablet PC is among the most mobile PCs ever made. It gives users the same high standards of reliability, security, functionality and familiarity that they expect from their desktop or laptop PC, with additional features including natural input capabilities such as pen and digital ink technologies and handwriting recognition.

"Tablet PC has received industry-wide endorsement and we are very excited about the tremendous contribution of our manufacturing partners, most of whom are based or have major development and manufacturing facilities in the Asia Pacific region," said Ms. Alexandra Loeb, Vice President of Tablet PC, Microsoft Corporation. "In the lead up to the worldwide launch, our industry partners are continuing to extend the variety of form factors and innovative applications which are being created to take advantage of such breakthroughs as pen and digital ink technologies. Microsoft also counts its vast developer community as a key strategic asset, and we are making the Tablet PC platform specifications available so that applications will be market ready at Tablet PC's worldwide launch on November 7th, 2002."

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition's digital ink technologies and handwriting recognition capabilities offer major productivity improvements for users in Asia, where inputting a vast number of stroke-based characters in languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese into an electronic document by using a keyboard has proved time consuming and cumbersome.

"With the release of Asian local language editions of Tablet PC in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese alongside the English language edition, Microsoft together with its industry partners will be providing the smartest, most innovative user experience to enterprises and information workers in Asia Pacific," said Mr. Michael Rawding, President, Microsoft Asia Pacific and Japan Regions, and Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation.

"Not only will Asia Pacific enterprises embrace the productivity gains that Windows XP Tablet PC Edition provides, but its pen, digital ink and handwriting capabilities ensure that business users who work from their office, attend multiple meetings and frequently travel will find it immediately useful. The availability of devices using either English or Asian language editions of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition in November 2002 positions them as the ultimate business productivity tools in the region, with full PC capability," he added.

Microsoft's research teams in Asia and Redmond jointly collaborated on the development of innovative new technologies used in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, such as digital ink technologies covering: compressed ink representation and high-quality ink rendering, smart ink parsing and semantics, intelligent ink annotation, easy ink/pen manipulation and searchable digital ink.

"The digital ink technologies developed by Microsoft Research in Asia for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition allows people to 'think in ink' and have the ability to write in their own handwriting," said Ya-Qin Zhang, Managing Director of Microsoft Research in Asia. "The advantage of this approach is that it captures the expressiveness of human handwriting and makes pen interaction less cumbersome than traditional handwriting recognition systems."

Industry support for Tablet PC:

From Mr. Stan Shih, Chairman and CEO, The Acer Group
"Microsoft's Tablet PC will drive the development of computing power toward the true customer values, instead of products only, and create another dimension of corporate competitiveness in digital capability in the current knowledge-based economy."

From Mr. Alex Leung, COO, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific
"With the Tablet PC poised to change the computing ergonomics, Fujitsu's advanced technological expertise in pen computing gives us the edge in creating the next generation of personal computers powered by Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition."

From Mr. Adrian Koch, Asia Pacific and Japan Senior Vice President for Personal Systems Group, HP
"We are set to witness a revolutionary change in the way we use our PCs. The style and technology of the Tablet PC is created to adapt to the way you work rather than forcing you to adapt to the technology. With voice and inking capabilities, the Compaq Tablet PC will take mobility to a new level without compromising on functionality."

From Mr. Qiao Song, Senior Vice President, Legend
"We believe that Tablet PC will be a catalyst for enabling people everywhere to enjoy the benefits of the information era. Everyday people, like you and me, will gain greater mobility with the Tablet PC."

From Mr. Wu Tengguo, General Manager, Toshiba Singapore
"As the pioneer in mobile computing, Toshiba is constantly pushing the boundaries of portability to create breath-taking products that enable mobile professionals to experience their PC in new and exciting ways. With the introduction of the world's thinnest notebook Portege 2000, Toshiba has once again demonstrated our innovative leadership in the design and development of mobile computing products. Toshiba embraces the Tablet PC initiatives as well as its strategic relationship with Microsoft. Together, we hope to bring enhanced functionality and capabilities to today's notebook computers. Tablet PC represents the future of mobile computing and we're eager to share this new technology with our customers."

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