Sep 25, 2003

Raymond Weil: Some milestones in history

The Making Of A RAYMOND WEIL Watch

Every RAYMOND WEIL watch is the result of long process of development where technical expertise is combined with the beauty of design.

By following the instincts as well as analyzing the market, the RAYMOND WEIL team continually strives to improve and broaden the brand's existing range of products. They communicate their ideas and intuitions to a team of designers who then use their talents to give the project shape and substance

Once the designs have been thoroughly studied, discussed and modified, a prototype is produced so that the model can be studied in a three-dimensional format. After the design has been finalized the first cases and bracelets can be produced.

Next, the dial is created - the face of the watch. Dozens of design variations will be tested before a few designs are selected. This still leaves the choice of hands, the fitting of the movement and the checking of many essential details before the watch takes on its definitive appearance.

Finally it is time for the watch to be assembled. By then each watch has been tested at every stage and undergone a total of 360 inspections.

Inspired by the same 'esprit de corps', Raymond Weil and Oliver Bernheim have built up a solid and reliable worldwide network of representative. These distributors stand as guarantors of the quality of RAYMOND WEIL watches, which come with a year's guarantee and benefit from excellent after-sales service

1970 - 2002

In the last quarter, RAYMOND WEIL, the Geneva based watch company has achieved an enviable position among the galaxy of the best known and most renowned Swiss watchmakers in the world.

Its policy, one of both riguor and passion, is based on expertise and precision. Using all that modern technology has to offer. RAYMOND WEIL will settle for nothing less than impeccable product quality. Indeed, this constant quest for perfection is one of the keys to its success with the same degree of careful attention to detail being applied to each and every model,

But what's the use of technical perfection without soul?

Over the years, the brand has come to stand for a world of culture, art and music. Therefore most of the collections draw their inspiration dorm such major musical works as Parsifal Don Giovanni and Othello. These works now embody RAYMOND WEIL love for classical music the opera and the arts.

Each of the collections has its own individuality. Its own specific design, thus the range includes a variety of models representing a harmonious blend of the traditional and the contemporary. RAYMOND WEIL places particular importance aesthetic appeal of its design, which is lovingly perfected down to the last detail.

Every day since its conception, RAYMOND WEIL has been producing elegant watches. Whether traditional, for sports or formal occasions, the latest fashion, steel gold or gold plated, on leather or a bracelet, the RAYMOND WEIL watches, each in their different way combine simplicity of design with fabulous materials.

The vision of RAYMOND WEIL can be summed up in just a few words: creation, innovation and evolution. All three aspects are permanent features of its professional code of ethics, the primary concern of which is to impress and give a pleasurable to customers who choose a RAYMOND WEIL timepiece and who share with it the best moments of their lives.

Some milestones in history

1976: RAYMOND WEIL creates REYMOND WEIL S.A. in Geneva at a time when the watch market was suffering severe recession

1979: RAYMOND WEIL, opts for quartz movements and launches the Golden Eagle collection, consisting of steel sports watches, .......... This was a great success

1982: Oliver Bernheim, RAYMOND WEIL's son - in - law, joins the company as marketing and sales manager. He is now President and C.E.O

1983: RAYMOND WEIL launches the Amadeus collection, following … Forman's Film of the same name. The names of RAYMOND WEIL leading collection have been draw from classical and operatic music ever since

1984: Launch of the new 'Amadeus" advertising campaign
1985: Launch of the Fidello collection : these delicate and slander-looking watches, which were mostly fitted onto bracelets made of 18 carat gold plated links, were another worldwide success.

1986: RAYMOND WEIL celebrates its 10th anniversary. Launch of the Othello collection. Avant-garde technology (the ultra-flat movement is just 1,2 mm thick) combined with sophisticated-looking design. This collection made a major contribution to RAYMOND WEIL unbelievably rapid success.

1988: Launch of the Traviata collection. These stained glass watches fitted with multicolored dials turned traditional aesthetic value on their head.

1989: RAYMOND WEIL takes its place among the bid names in the Swiss watch industry and launches its advertising "Islande"
1991: The market is moving. The luxury watch segment is growing. RAYMOND WEIL launched the Persifal collection. The brand's first in stainless steel and 18-carat gold.

1992: Launch of the Amadeus 200 collection, the first sports watch water-resistant to 20 meters and the Parsifal 18-carat gold and diamond jewelry collection

1993: Three new parsifal models : GMT, Square and Automatic

1994: RAYMOND WEIL adopts a new image and chooses the world of dance for its new advertising entitled "Precision Movement". The company also launches a new watch collection entitled " Tradition Mecanique", fitted with automatic or manual movements.

1995: RAYMOND WEIL ads a cinema and TV advertising

1998: For its 20th anniversary, RAYMOND WEIL creates the Duo Jubile limited edition, a man's watch with a dual time-zone display and a solid -steel ...... case hugging the curve or the wrist. Launch of the W1 an avant-garde collection in steel and carbon fiber.

1998: Launch of three new product lines: Don Giovanni, rectangular and steel. Tema available in ladies size or mini version, and Allegro a trendy watch in steel or yellow gold-plated

1999: Launch of the new advertising campaign entitled "Celebrate The Moment". RAYMOND WEIL new creations focus on a concept combining Rigour and Emotion. Rectangular Persifal Aspiration. Don Giovanni chronograph with leather strap. W1 chronograph, men's and ladies size and Tango mini.

2000: This year is seen as a turning pint with a harmonious new trip in which diamonds, mother-of-pearl and steel give form to the new variations conceived for the Parsifal, Don Giovanni, chorus and Tango ranges.

2001: RAYMOND WEIL celebrates its first quarter of a century and gives the Othello collection a new lease of life. Othello unveils a magic work, created by a perfect marriage between daring and mystery. It is constructed from an extremely string convex sapphire glass, and plays on the reflections of the dial's black background and its mid-night blue bezel. Its two vertical lines break up the continuity if the glass ................ of a one-piece design. The Othello line comes in four versions L a man's watch, a lady watch, a miniature lady's watch and an automatic version engraved by RAYMOND WEIL "aux cotes de Geneva"/ RAYMOND WEIL has also embarked on a global sponsorship with Bond, the new classical pop group that has taken the world by storm.

2002: RAYMOND WEIL gives the Othello collection a new lease of life and launches, after the dark blue Othello, the yellow and pink gold models. The crown its efforts the company launches also new Don Giovanni …., an unusual version with its our ordinary

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